Grace & St. Paul's Church
(Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)

123 West 71st Street
New York, New York 10023

Organ Specifications:
123 West 71st Street (since 1890)
II/9 J.H. & C.S. Odell, Op. 556 (1924)
• II/13 J.H. & C.S. Odell, Op. 221 (1885)
West 50th Street and Ninth Avenue (1886-1890)
• unknown

Our building was designed in 1880 originally for the New York City Church Extension and Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The architect, Stephen D. Hatch, provided the building with a charming facade, perhaps more Victorian than Gothic. Construction was completed in 1882, and the building was named St. Andrew's Chapel. In 1890 the church building was purchased by the congregation of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, which had incorporated in 1886. Festive dedication services marked the beginning of a new life for Grace Church.

The building underwent extensive renovations in 1910. The bills had scarcely been paid when, on 14 February 1924, a terrible fire gutted the building, requiring some $25,000 in repairs. On 1 October 1939, the congregation of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, moved from West 123rd Street to Grace Church to continue its ministry in this building. The two congregations were united by a common heritage, both having been founded by German immigrants from the Kingdom of Hanover. On 28 September 1944, the two congregations officially became Grace & St. Paul's Church.

The recent extensive renovations of our church, begun in 1988, were made possible by generous bequests of over $1,000,000 from the late Duane and Helen Everson and Elsie and Aline Rauer. Architect for the project was Justin Lamb of New York City, and our artistic consultant was Frank Kacmarcik of St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota. Brother Frank also designed the chairs, altar and ambo (reading desk) of oak, and the granite font in the baptistery. These were dedicated to the glory of God and in memory of Stephen Arvanette (1951-1988) by Bishop William Lazareth on our 100th anniversary of dedication. The statue of the Virgin and Child adorning the sanctuary is a south German work of the 15th century, and the icon of St. Paul the Apostle that graces our baptistery was painted  by the late New York iconographer Christopher Kosmas.  Lamb Studios recently installed the second of eight stained glass windows.

The renovation, when completed as funds are received, will include a stone floor, a new mechanical-action organ, completion of the leaded hand-blown Bavarian glass windows, ornamental iron and wood work, raised altar and chancel area, an elevator and a complete kitchen.
J.H. & C.S. Odell
New York City – Opus 556 (1924)
Electro-pneumatic action
2 manuals, 9 stops, 9 ranks

In 1924, J.H. & C.S. Odell installed a new two-manual organ with nine stops. This organ employed Odell's patented "Electric-Magnetic Action."
Great Organ (Manual I) – 61 notes
  Open Diapason
Swell Organ (Manual II) – 61 notes, enclosed
  Rohr Flute
  Vox Celeste [TC]
Cathedral Chimes *
20 tubes
  Stopped Diapason
* transferred from old organ
Pedal Organ – 32 notes
    Great to Pedal 8'   Great to Great 16', 4'
    Swell to Pedal 8'   Swell to Swell 16', 4'
    Swell to Great 16', 8', 4'    
Pedal Movements
    Balanced Swell Pedal    
    Crescendo Pedal    
J.H. & C.S. Odell
New York City – Opus 221 (1885)
Mechanical action
2 manuals, 13 stops

Specifications for this organ have not yet been located, but following are entries in a J.H. & C.S. Odell & Co. Ledger Book (p.160) showing work done on the organ.

  Sep. 20, 1892 – Mar. 23, 1923 [Regulating and tunings and various adjustments to the organ action]    
  Sep. 24, 1919 Installing Gamba 8' stop

In 1925, this organ was moved to St Joseph's Catholic Church, Keyport, N.J.

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