Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral - New York City
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Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
(Greek Orthodox)

319 East 74th Street
New York, N.Y. 10021

Organ Specifications:
343 East 74th Street (since 1932)
III/57 Rodgers Instruments electronic (c.1980)
359 West 24th Street (1927-1932) [St. Eleftherios Church]
• unknown if any
East 72nd Street at Third Avenue (c.1904-burned 1927)
• George Jardine & Son (1869)
342 West 53rd Street (1892-c.1904)
• uknown if any

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral - New York City  

Chartered in 1892, the Holy Trinity Church has been serving the Greek Orthodox Community of New York City for over a century. The cornerstone for the present building was laid on September 14, 1931 in the presence of Eleanor Roosevelt, representing her husband Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt. Holy Trinity Church was consecrated on October 22, 1933. It was designated the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in 1962.

Rodgers Organ at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral - New York City

Rodgers Instruments LLC
Hillsboro, Ore. – Custom Model 785 (c.1980)
Solid-state key, stop and combination action
3 manuals, 57 digital ranks

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity has a long tradition of excellent music in its very reverberant and richly decorated building. At Holy Trinity, the organ provides accompaniment for the professional choir which regularly sings at services. Both the choir and the three-manual organ console are located in the rear gallery of the cathedral.
Organ in church located on East 72nd Street at Third Avenue:

George Jardine & Son
New York City (1869)
Mechanical action

George Jardine & Son of New York City built an organ in 1869 for St. James Protestant Episcopal Church. It is not known if this organ remained when the building was purchased by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. Specifications for this organ have not yet been located.
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