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Message from the Dean

Dear Fellow Chapter Members,

I write this column having just returned from the final day of the Region II Convention that our chapter has sponsored.  It seems almost surreal to speak of the convention in the past tense, for conventions take five years to plan, and only five days in which to happen! My heartfelt congratulations to Sebastian Glück, the convention steering committee, and the chapter executive board (several of whom are the same people). They have spent untold hours envisioning this convention program and then bringing it to life.

I am happy to report that over 400 people attended the convention on our busiest days and that quality of the performances and workshops were on the whole exceptional!  In addition to our performers and presenters, special thanks are also due to our exhibitors, advertisers, sponsors, and contributors whose gifts, grants, and contributions made the convention possible, as well as to each and every person who attended, whether for the entire convention, a single day, or just a single performance.  Without your support, the convention would not have been possible!

Our ever-resourceful webmaster, Steve Lawson, has created a web-log for the convention complete with photos and a summary of each day’s activities. It can be found on the chapter website: www.nycago.org.   For those who attended the convention, it will be a source of pleasant memories, and for those who were unable to attend, you can catch a glimmer of what you missed out on.

Sub-dean, Robert McCormick, and the Program Committee are preparing another exciting and distinguished program year for 2007-2008 featuring appearances by James David Christie, Clyde Holloway, and David Briggs.

On behalf of the chapter executive board, I wish you each a joyous and restful summer. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at chapter events in the coming season!

With All Good Wishes,

Frank L. Crosio, FAGO
From the Registrar


As of June 30, we closed the 2006-07 membership year with 487 members, with 255 renewals already turned in for 2007-08.  As you read this newsletter, if you have not already paid your dues for 2007-08, you are no longer a member of the NYC AGO chapter until you pay them!  Please check your records, unopened mail, etc. to be sure that you've paid your dues.  If you did not receive your renewal form, please write to the registrar, Eric Birk, at registrar@nycago.org, or call him at 212-932-0551 to request a renewal form.

New members recently joining for 2007-08 are:

Mr. Heitor Caballero (DM/O/F- Our Savior Lutheran Church and School
(LCMS), Bronx)
Mr. John E. Cantrell, MM (O/C- St. Michael's Episcopal Church, NYC)
Mr. Dan Clayton (Acoustic Consultant)
Mr. Evan R. Closser (Student, Queens College; O- Pleasantville
Presbyterian, Pleasantville, NY)
Mr. Michael Goodman (Student, Eastman School of Music; AO- Christ
Church [Episcopal], Rochester, NY)
Mr. Kerry B. Heimann,  MM (F- American Boychoir, Princeton, NJ; O-
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Trenton, NJ)
Mr. Eric G. Johnson, MA
Rev. George Kuhn, BS
Mr. Michael X. Lundy (O- Fort Washington Collegiate Church, NYC)
Ms. Meghann Wilhoite MM (O- First Baptist Church, NYC)
Mr. Christopher King MA, AAGO (former member, Boston Chapter)
Mr. Andrew H. Yurgin (winner, Delaware chapter's Regional Competition
for Young Organists, 2007)

As we are now beginning a new membership year, this is a good time to
invite friends, colleagues, and organ enthusiasts to join the NYC
Chapter of the AGO!  The registrar has promotional pamphlets you can
send, or you can share this link:  http://www.agohq.org/membership/
The next chapter newsletter is the September issue. The deadline for submissions is August 15th. Material may be submitted to the Editor. Nine issues are published through the year on a monthly basis with combined issues for December/January, May/June, and July/August. To make changes in your email address or to subscribe to the e-newsletter, please contact Eric Birk.