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Message from the Dean

Dear Colleagues,

‘Tis the season to make music, and lots of it!  As organists and choir directors the Advent/Christmas season is one of our busiest times.  It is also a time that is filled with opportunity! At this season of the year more than at any other, the attention of the general public turns to organ and choral music, so we have a special opportunity to touch their hearts and minds through our music making.

Since it is the season of giving, there are several ways that you can assist the Guild in its ongoing work at both the local and national levels. As chapter members, you should be aware that the New York City Chapter makes a contribution each year to AGO Annual Fund.  However, contributions from individual members are also vitally important.  Information can be found on the national website: www.agohq.org.  You can also directly support the work of New York City Chapter in many ways during the year, but let me just suggest two: A contribution in any amount over and above your annual dues helps to fund chapter programming, and enables us to plan future events with confidence.  Also, taking an ad in our chapter’s 2007-2008 directory or in our monthly e-newsletter would be a great help to us and would benefit you and/or your church music program as well.  You can find an order form on our chapter website: www.nycago.org.  Ad prices begin with a business card size at $50.   Bill Entriken, who is in charge of advertising for the directory, would be happy to hear from you. 

Looking ahead to the New Year, it’ not too soon to mark your calendars for our Presidents’ Day Conference. This year the conference will focus on the works of Olivier Messiaen and our special guest will be Dr. Clyde Holloway.  Why not invite a colleague or friend from near or far, or bring someone with you who has never attended an AGO event before.

Since it also the season for giving thanks, let me express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. James David Christie for presenting a superb recital earlier this month.  Thanks also to the Church of The Holy Trinity and Dr. Stephen Hamilton for co-sponsoring and hosting this event.

Lastly, after all the holiday music making is done, may you have some quiet time to share the joys of this season with those who mean the most to you!

With very best wishes,

Frank L Crosio, FAGO
From the Registrar

The 2008 chapter directory is in production and will include your address as you gave on your 2007-08 dues form (or in your update message to the registrar).  If anything has changed in your conatct or position information since you paid your dues, please get in touch with the registrar immediately to assure that your directory listing will be accurate.

Welcome, New Members:
Hee Yeon Cha (O- Elmhurst, NY)
William L. Greville (freelance organist)
Claire F. Klein (substitute organist)
Greg O. Lewin (O/C- St. Joseph's Episcopal, Bronx, NY; O/M- North 
Bronx SDA Church, Bronx, NY)
Lee Ryder
Dr. John Sheridan
Avi Stein (DM- St. Matthew & St. Timothy Episcopal, NYC)
The next chapter newsletter is the February 2008 issue. The deadline for submissions is January 15th. Material may be submitted to the Editor. Nine issues are published through the year on a monthly basis with combined issues for December/January, May/June, and July/August. To make changes in your email address or to subscribe to the e-newsletter, please contact Eric Birk.