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Message from the Dean

Our Presidents’ Day Conference was a remarkable event.  Thanks, as always, are due to Robert McCormick and the Program Committee who undertook the planning and preparation for this event.  Dr. Clyde Holloway shared with us his memories of studying with Olivier Messiaen and valuable insights into the interpretation of his music.  Participants in Dr. Holloway’s master class were Eugene Lavery, Alistair Nelson, and Stephen Fraser - all of whom gave truly wonderful performances.  Our very own, Daniel Kirk-Foster performed a superb recital of the piano works of Messiaen at Steinway Hall that evening.  Thanks to Daniel for undertaking all the work and preparation involved.  On behalf of the chapter; thanks are due to Bethany Rose, Director of Institutional Sales at Steinway Hall, for hosting the piano recital, and to Robert McCormick, Robert McDermitt, and all at the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin for hosting the remainder of the Conference.

There has been a slight delay in the mailing of the 2007-2008 Chapter Handbooks owing to some problems with the first print run. I am assured that the directories have been re-printed and are in the mail and on their way to you this week.  Our apologies to our members and advertisers for this unavoidable delay.

The Nominating Committee  – Dr. Claudia Dumschat, chair, has presented the following slate of Officers to serve the chapter. The officers are elected for two-year terms and the Class 2012 for a four-year term.  Ballots will be mailed to you later this spring.  Thanks to Claudia and the nominating committee for their work and to each of the nominees for their willingness to serve.

Dean - Frank L. Crosio, FAGO
Sub-dean - Paul J. Murray
Secretary - Mary W. Huff
Treasurer - F. Anthony Thurman, DMA

David Enlow, FAGO
Renee Anne Louprette

Class of 2012

Robert Ridgell
John King, DMA
John Cantrell
Nigel Potts
Preston Smith
Neal Campbell, DMA

Our next chapter program will take place on April 7th and will be a master class given by Dr. Martin Jean at the Interchurch Center.  It will be the first NYC chapter event to utilize the new III/29 Klais organ installed in 2007.  

Between now and then, for those of us who work for churches and synagogues, the Easter/Passover season is one the busiest and most rewarding times of the year.  May all your music making bring joy to you and inspiration to those who listen to it!

Frank L. Crosio, FAGO
Take the Member Challenge
March 10, 2008

Hello AGO Members,

This is a friendly reminder that the National Committee on Membership Development and Chapter Support encourages you to recruit new members for the 2007-2008 Member Year.

2007-2008 is the third and final year of the Each One-Reach One campaign with the Member Challenge being the primary focus.  This challenge promises fun, larger membership numbers, national recognition, and the opportunity to win a valuable prize - AGO National Headquarters will pay your major expenses while you enjoy the 2008 National convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  Expenses include convention registration, the bus transportation package, and five nights in the convention hotel.

The MEMBER CHALLENGE FLYER will provide everything AGO Members need to know to take part in the Challenge - an integral part of the 2007-2008 AGO National Membership Campaign: Each One-Reach One!


Here's the form for you  to use:  MEMBER FORM
submit the names ONLINE HERE

If you have any questions about the 2007-2008 Member Challenge, please contact AGO Membership Director Jennifer Madden at National Headquarters, 212-870-2311, ext. 4304, or you can send an e-mail to jem@agohq.org.

Thanks for all of your help in making the 2007-2008 Each One-Reach One National Membership Campaign a success!


Committee on Membership Development and Chapter Support

Herbert Buffington, Director
H: 404-364-9344                               
David A. Lincoln
H: 630-655-2124
Sharron Lyon              
H: 615-373-9820           
Stephen Park
H: 310-215-9892
Donald Sutherland, National Secretary
H: 410-914-5186
From the Registrar

  Dr. Richard Westenburg
Richard Westenburg, a longtime member of our chapter, has died.
Click here for the New York Times article.

Welcome New Members:

Harold McManus, MM (AO-St. Joseph's RC Church, Macon, GA)
David Pickering, DMA (F/O-Graceland Univ., Lamoni, IA)
James M. Wideman, PhD (Philadelphia, PA)

Know Any Potential New AGO Members?

Now is a good time to encourage colleagues, organ enthusiasts, or interested people to join the AGO.  For the months of February and March, people who have not been AGO members previously may join at reduced rates.  See the chapter website or contact the registrar for more information.

The next chapter newsletter is the April 2008 issue. The deadline for submissions is March 15th. Material may be submitted to the Editor. Nine issues are published through the year on a monthly basis with combined issues for December/January, May/June, and July/August. To make changes in your email address or to subscribe to the e-newsletter, please contact Eric Birk.