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Another Chapter Event in October
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  Keith S. Tóth, Dean - NYC Chapter, American Guild of Organists

From the Dean

Dear Colleagues,

It’s hard to believe that September has already come and gone. For most of us, our music programs have started, rehearsals have begun, and the musically intense High Holy Day services have passed for another year.

It is now time for the chapter’s program year to begin and we are doing so with two exciting events in October. Our first event, Ken Cowan’s dedicatory recital on the new Schoenstein organ at St. James’ Episcopal Church, will take place on Sunday, October 17 at 3pm. Ken is presenting a fine and varied program to demonstrate the various colors of St. James’ symphonic Schoenstein. You may view the program at the chapter’s website. On behalf of the chapter, I extend our sincere congratulations to our colleagues at St. James, Dr. Davis Wortman and Christopher Barrett Jennings, and the St. James’ parish for bringing this exciting new organ to New York City. I am delighted that our chapter has partnered with St. James’ for this exciting dedicatory recital.

On Tuesday, October 26, we will have a tour of organs new and old in the Lincoln Center area along with a festive wine reception. This event is only open to NYC Chapter members. You will not want to miss this opportunity to see and hear the newly refurbished Kuhn organ in Alice Tully Hall, the new Schoenstein studio organ at The Juilliard School, and the recent Schoenstein organ at Christ and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. The chapter expresses its gratitude to Paul Jacobs and Nigel Potts for their graciousness in hosting us.

Following immediately on the heels of our October events is the November 5 interview and sherry with Dame Gillian Weir. This event will be held at my parish, The Brick Presbyterian Church. This event is also only for NYC Chapter members. Please note that we are limiting this event to 70 people and reservations are required. Please don’t wait to make your reservation with Sub-Dean David Enlow. We expect to reach our limit very soon.

As you can see from the above, it’s going to be one exciting fall for our chapter. Kudos to David Enlow and his Program Committee (John Cantrell, Dr. John King and Nigel Potts) for making it so. I look forward to seeing many of you at our wonderful programs these next few weeks.

Respectfully yours,

Keith S. Tóth


Next Chapter Event

This event is free to chapter members, but you must reply to David Enlow to reserve your seat. Click here for details on the new Schoenstein organ at St. James' Church.


Another Chapter Event in October

This event is for chapter members only.

Save the Date

This event is also for chapter members only; RSVP to David Enlow. If you have colleagues or friends who would like to attend these events, this would be a good opportunity to invite them to join the chapter as a regular or dual member. Be in touch with Christopher Jennings for details.

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From the Editor

Our colleague David Childs, composer-in-residence for Manhattan Concert Productions, tells that he will conduct the premiere performance of his Festival Te Deum at a concert in Carnegie Hall on March 20, 2011. He invites choral singers, or directors of choirs, who would like to participate to be in touch with him at david@manhattanconcertproductions.com or telephone 212-946-2879.

Frederick Swann

Members from the Past

Many members wrote correctly identifying Frederick Swann, beloved former Dean of this chapter, current dual member, past National President of the AGO, and friend, teacher, and mentor to many of us, as last month's Member from the Past. The photo accompanied the announcement in 1962 of his joining the Colbert-LaBerge Concert Management. At the time Lillian Murtagh, LaBerge's secretary, ran the organ division of the agency, and some years later operated it separately under her own name. The firm is known today as Karen McFarlane Artists.

At the AGO national convention this past summer in Washington, Fred received the Edward A. Hansen Leadership Award. This award was established by the National Council in 1999 to honor the memory of the AGO's former president and is presented biennially to recognize individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the AGO. Congratulations, Fred, from your NYC AGO colleagues!

Can you identify this Member from the Past?

. . . now deceased?

David Enlow FAGO, Juilliard Faculty
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