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  David Enlow, Dean, NYC Chapter, American Guild of Organists
  David Enlow, Dean

From the Dean

Dear Colleagues:

Many of you were present for an enjoyable sonic occasion at the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer this past month, the opening event of a program season that promises to contain many fine happenings. We are all grateful, no doubt, to James Wetzel for being our host, and for all those members who agreed to play a varied program of music. No program event happens without the diligence of the Sub-Dean and program committee, and thanks to them, too. As for the duet (Holst's Jupiter) of the Dean and the Sub-Dean, at least two persons present enjoyed it well!

Our next event is a masterclass with Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet-Hakim, who joins us for a teaching event as part of her American tour. I met her at our national improvisation competition in Houston this past summer, and am looking forward to her sharing her wisdom with students and members alike. You'll see more about that event later in this issue; it is at the Brick Presbyterian Church, where Keith Tóth is always a welcoming host.

We are entering my favorite season of autumn, and I hope for a pleasant time for us all, through all of our varied musical activities.

Yours truly,

David Enlow

From the Sub-Dean

Marie Bernadette Dufourcet-Hakim
Renowned performer and pedagogue Marie Bernadette Dufourcet-Hakim will give a masterclass on Thursday November 3rd at 7 PM at Brick Presbyterian Church.

Our first event of the season, the Members' Recital and Champagne reception was a great success, and we were delighted to welcome so many of you to that. Particular thanks to our performers, and to our gracious host, James Wetzel and the Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer. In addition to great music-making we were able to spend some quality time socializing as a community (aided in no small part by freely-flowing champagne!) which is always a highlight of our events.

Our second event of the season is a Masterclass with Marie Bernadette Dufourcet-Hakim on Thursday, November 3rd at 7 PM at Brick Presbyterian Church (Keith Tóth, host). Ms. Dufourcet is a superb performer and pedagogue, and her teaching is sure to educate and inspire in equal measure. Don’t miss this rare chance to see and hear one of our field’s greatest teachers in action. Please email me to be considered to participate in this masterclass by clicking here.

Our third and final event of 2016 is a Conducting from the Console Masterclass on Monday, November 21st at 7 PM at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church. Our guide (and host) is Dr. Andrew Henderson, known to many as a superb teacher and colleague. Please email me if you would like to participate as a singer or as an organist-conductor.

Renowned artist and teacher Jeff Brillhart will lead our annual improvisation mini festival on Saturday, February 4th 2017. Save the date in your calendars and look for more information shortly.

As many of you know, the Chapter's grandest celebration of all things relating to NYC and the organ takes place on Presidents' Day. Please mark Monday 19th February 2017 in your calendars and look forward to a fantastic weekend celebrating the art of silent film accompaniment and much more, with featured artists Peter Krasinski and Chelsea Chen, and speakers John Bishop (our very own editor!), and Jonathan Ambrosino. Our principal venue is Marble Collegiate Church with its new Sebastian Glück instrument. We will also have a concert on the Fisk organ at the Church of the Transfiguration.

With my best wishes, on behalf of the Program Committee,

James Kennerley, Sub-Dean & Program Committee Chair

Appointments and Transitions

James Wetzel has been appointed Director of Music and Organist of the Parish of Saint Vincent Ferrer and Saint Catherine of Siena.

Quote of the Month

"Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life, bringing peace, and abolishing strife."

-Kahlil Gibran

Arthur Lawrence David Enlow FAGO

From the Editor

  John Bishop at the Willis Organ at Blenheim Palace
  The Willis Organ at Blenheim Palace (click on photo for specification)

"... oh still small voice of calm."

Wendy and I have a house in mid-coast Maine on one of the grand tidal rivers – America’s closest answer to a fjord. It’s on a rural road that winds down a peninsula from the twin villages of Damariscotta (population 2218) and Newcastle (population 1752) – we’re in the town of Newcastle. Two and a half miles down the road, you turn left onto our driveway – a half mile gravel road with a canopy of trees, and a healthy crop of ragweed along the edges.

As you approach the house, you emerge into the sunshine (or fog) on to an asphalt dooryard. The nearest house is to the north, across the cove on the next point. It takes three minutes to row there, or it’s a four-mile drive up our road and down theirs. A hundred cars were parked in the yard for our wedding party eleven years ago. If I could park a hundred cars in my yard on East 9th Street, I’d never have to do anything besides sit on a stool and collect fees.

When we returned to the city last week after the long summer, I was struck anew by the bustle and throngs. There are hundreds of people on the sidewalks in each block. Two-thirds of them are staring at their phones, and half of those standing stock-still like rocks in a stream.

The first day back, we took Goldendoodle Farley to Tompkins Square Park for a run. The combined populations of Damariscotta and Newcastle must have been with us, enjoying those 10.5 acres of trees and grass. In fact, you could probably throw in neighboring Nobleboro.

Yesterday was a particularly rough day on the 4-5-6 trains. I googled and learned that New York Subway cars have standing capacities of 150 to 200 people. A usual ten-car train carries the population of Newcastle. And tuning an organ this morning in a large sacred space on Lexington Avenue, I got the impression that no one ever waits for trains - the rumbling from the subway tunnel was nearly constant!

In the midst of this cacophony, it’s our job to provide inspiration, comfort, and substance to our parishioners. Along with the thrill and excitement of great organ music, remember that the instrument can also be used as a balm. Pull out all the stops. The stops are made to pulled out. All at once, sometimes, but not every time…

The very best, to the best! Yvonne L. Sonnenwald-Melin

Joke of the Month

It's a jungle out there.

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