Charles Street Scotch United Presbyterian Church

39 & 41 Charles Street at Seventh Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10014

Organ Specifications:
39 & 41 Charles Street (1844-1913)
II/7 Hillgreen, Lane & Co., Op. 71 (1903)
Sixth Avenue at West 3rd Street (1842-1844)
• unknown
Thompson and Prince Streets (1836-1842)
• unknown

The society ultimately known as the Charles Street "Scotch" United Presbyterian Church was founded in 1836 when the Rev. Hugh Henry Blair of Philadelphia was called as pastor. For the first six years, the congregation met in what was known as the Second Associate Congregational Church, at Thompson and Prince Streets. In the spring of 1842, the society (now known as the Third Associate Church) opened a new church on Sixth Avenue, opposite West Third Street. Two years later, in 1844, a new church was erected on Charles Street near Seventh Avenue, at a total cost of $13,000 for the building and land. The congregation disbanded sometime around 1913, and the church was sold to an investor who replaced it with an apartment building.
Hillgreen, Lane and Company
Alliance, Ohio – Opus 71 (1903)
Mechanical action
2 manuals, 7 stops, 7 ranks

The only known organ for this church was built in 1903 by Hillgreen, Lane and Company of Alliance, Ohio. Siegel-Cooper Co., a noted dry goods store on Sixth Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets, was responsible for the sale. A transmittal document states that the organ was to be shipped via Pennsylvania Rail Road for delivery on June 19th, 1903, and would cost $815.
Great Organ (Manual II) – 61 notes
  Open Diapason
  Dulciana [Stopped Bass]
  Melodia [wood]
Swell Organ (Manual III) – 61 notes, enclosed
  Salicional [Stopped Bass]
  Flute Harmonic
  Stopped Diapason [wood]
Pedal Organ – 30 notes
  Bourdon [wood]
    Swell to Great       Swell to Pedal
    Great to Pedal       Swell to Great at Super-Octave
    Swell Tremolo       Bellows Signal  
    Wind Indicator          
Pedal Movements
    Reversible, Great to Pedal    
    Balanced Swell Pedal    
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