Chapel - Episcopal Church Center - New York City
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  Chapel - Episcopal Church Center - New York City
The Episcopal Church Center

815 Second Avenue at 43rd Street
New York, N.Y. 10017

Organ Specifications:
I/3 Bedient Pipe Organ Company, Op. 34 (1991)
• II/ Baldwin Piano & Organ Company electronic (1961)

Chapel of Christ the Lord

The Chapel of Christ the Lord, located on the ground floor of the Episcopal Church Cener, was designed by Adams & Woodbridge and built in 1961. Along the Second Avenue side of the chapel are abstract stained-glass windows designed by Gabriel Loire of Chartres, France.
Bedient Pipe Organ Company
Lincoln, Neb. – Opus 34 (1991)
Legacy Line – Boston Model
Mechanical key and stop action
1 manual, 3 stops, 3 ranks

The organ in the chapel was built in 1991 by Bedient Pipe Organ Company of Lincoln, Nebraska. Its three stops are played from a single manual and a permanently coupled pedalboard.
Bedient Organ, Op. 34 (1991) in the Chapel of the Episcopal Church Center - New York City (Photo: Steven E. Lawson)
Manual – 56 notes
Pedal – 30 notes
    Permanently coupled to manual
Baldwin Piano & Organ Company
Cincinnati, Oh. (1963)
Electronic tonal production
2 manuals

The first organ in the chapel was an electronic instrument by the Baldwin Piano & Organ Company.
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     Steven E. Lawson