Church of the Holy Innocents
(Protestant Episcopal)

151 West 136th Street
New York, N.Y. 10030

Organ Specifications:
153 West 136th Street (1884-1889)
I/3 Hilborne L. Roosevelt, Op. 58 (1881)
145th Street and Eighth Avenue (1875-1884)
• unknown

The Protestant Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents was organized in 1875, and was admitted to the Episcopal Convention in 1877. The society was located at 145th Street and Eighth Avenue until 1884, when they relocated to 153 West 136th Street. In 1889, the congregation merged with the Church of the Nativity, forming the Church of the Holy Nativity. At an unknown time, Holy Nativity merged with Church of the Redeemer, and the combined congregation remained at this location until it closed in 1914.
Hilborne L. Roosevelt
New York City – Opus 58 (1881)
Mechanical action
1 manual, 3 stops, 3 ranks

This small organ was built in 1881 by Hilborne L. Roosevelt for Holy Innocents Episcopal Church. The property was later occupied by the Church of the Holy Nativity (1889-1897) and then the Church of the Redeemer (1897-1914). At an unknown time, possibly when the church was sold in 1914, the Roosevelt organ was moved to a Methodist Church in Rochester, N.Y.
Manual – 58 notes
  Open Diapason, Treble
  Open Diapason, Bass

Pedal – 13 notes
    Manual Octaves          
Mechanical Accessories
    Pedal Check    
    Bellows Signal      
Pedal Movements
Organ in church at 37th Street and Broadway:

George Jardine & Son
New York City (1858)
Mechanical action
2 manuals, 20 stops

According to the American Musical Directory (1861), the organ in Holy Innocents Church had "2 banks of keys, 20 stops, 1½ octaves of pedals" and was "Built by Jardine & Son, in 1858." Specifications for this organ have not yet been located.
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