Romeyn Chapel (Presbyterian) - New York City (Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Archives)
Romeyn Chapel

240 East 14th Street
New York, N.Y. 10003
Hilborne L. Roosevelt
New York City – Opus 49 (1879)
Mechanical action
1 manual, 2 stops

The following specification was recorded by F.R. Webber in one of his "Organ Scrapbooks," now in the collection of The Organ Historical Society Archives in Princeton, N.J.
Manual – 58 notes
  Open Diapason
  Bourdon bass
     Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Archives, courtesy Dale W. Hansen, Church Archivist.
     Henderson, Kathy. A Proud Heritage: A Pictorial History of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. New York: Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, 2008.
     Webber, F.R. "Organ scrapbook" at Organ Historical Society Archives, Princeton, N.J. Specifications of Roosevelt organ, Op. 49 (1879); courtesy Jonathan Bowen.

     Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Archives. Exterior.