St. Bartholomew's Swedish Mission - New York City
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St. Bartholomew Swedish Mission Chapel
(Protestant Episcopal)

121 East 127th Street at Lexington Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10035

Organ Specifications:
• II/19 George S. Hutchings, Op. 417 (1898)
I/5 Hilborne L. Roosevelt, Op. 82 (1884)

The Swedish Mission Chapel was organized in 1889 by the Rev. Dr. David H. Greer, rector of St. Bartholomew's Church, and for 46 years occupied the stone edifice erected in 1879 for the Sawyer Memorial (Second) Universalist Church. In 1935, the Swedish Chapel was taken over by Trinity Parish, and the congregation was moved to Trinity Chapel at 20 West 25th Street.
George S. Hutchings
Boston, Mass. – Opus 417 (1898)
Unknown action
2 manuals, 19 stops

Specifications of this organ have not yet been located.
Hilborne L. Roosevelt
New York City – Opus 82 (1884)
Mechanical action
1 manual, 5 stops, 5 ranks

This organ, one of four identical rental organs (Op. 81-84) built in 1884 by the Roosevelt Organ Works, was originally rented to the Second (Sawyer Memorial) Universalist Church. At some point, probably when the Hutchings organ was installed in 1898, the Roosevelt organ was moved to a Roman Catholic Church in Highland, N.Y., and was later owned by F.R. Webber.

The following specification was recorded by F.R. Webber in one of his "Organ Scrapbooks," now in the collection of The Organ Historical Society Archives in Princeton, N.J. Additional details are from the 1888 catalog published by the Roosevelt Organ Works. Webber wrote:
"The church was on E. 126th [sic] St., near Lexington ave. The organ was moved to a R.C. church in Highland, N.Y. Later owned by F.R.W. [Frederick R. Webber]

232 pipes. 7'11" x 3'4" x c.12
Style 6 in the H.L.R. book.
Manual – 58 notes, enclosed
  Open Diapason
  Rohr Flöte
  Dulciana (grooved to #2)
Pedal – 13 notes
  Bourdon, Bass
    Manual Octaves       Manual to Pedal  
Mechanical Accessories
    Tremulant       Bellows Signal  
Pedal Movement
    Balanced Swell Pedal          
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