NYC Chapter of the American Guild of Organists
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Chapter Board & Organization 2022–2026

The Executive Board
is composed of the seven officers, who hold two-year terms, and the twelve board members, who hold four-year terms. Officers and board members are elected during biennial elections in the late spring of even-numbered years. Committees are constituted for the planning of chapter events and the direction of special activities, including: Education & Program, Newsletter, Nominations, Placement, Professional Concerns, Regional Competition for Young Organists, and the Web site. Chapter members interested in helping with the work of these committees are encouraged to contact the Dean.

2024-24 Chapter Board

Dean: James Wetzel
Sub Dean: David Shuler
Secretary: Raymond Nagem
Treasurer: Patrick Kreeger
Registrar: Larry Long
Auditor: Paolo Bordignon
Auditor: Andrew Henderson

Members-at-large, Class of 2024

Loraine Enlow
Nathaniel Gumbs
Bernadette Hoke
Jared Lamenzo
Sándor Szabó
Lena Tharp

Members-at-large, Class of 2026

Daniel Beckwith
Caitlin Dowling
James Hopkins
Maria Rayzvasser
Michael Shake
Eva Sze