Loraine Enlow

Categories: Board and Organization, Class of 2024, Current Board Members

Loraine Enlow has been full-time Music Associate at St. James’ Church, Madison Avenue since 2015; there she directs a graded choir program of students from kindergarten through high school, and assists with the professional and volunteer adult choirs.  She is a regular guest conductor and clinician for children’s choral conferences across North America.  From 2015-19, she worked under Daniel Hyde as Admissions Director at Saint Thomas Choir School and as Director of the Saint Thomas Girl Chorister Course. As Organist & Choirmaster at Holyrood Church (NYC) from 2010-2015, she founded and directed the Washington Heights Choir School, a free daily afterschool program for under-served elementary students.  Before her move to Manhattan in 2010, Mrs. Enlow was Assistant Organist & Music Assistant at Prince of Peace (RC) Church in Taylors, SC, where she served on the board of her local AGO chapter for several years.  She is currently a Trustee for VOICE Charter School, a K-8 school in the Queensbridge Projects in which all children learn solfege and sing daily as the center of the curriculum.