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Cuyler Presbyterian Church - Brooklyn, N.Y. <td width="200"><img src="/Organs/Bkln/img/CuylerPres1892bldg.jpg" alt="Cuyler Presbyterian Church - Brooklyn, NY (photo: Steven E. Lawson)" width="200" border="0" > 360 Pacific Street<br> Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217<br> Cuyler Presbyterian Church was organized in 1886 as a mission of Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, of which Dr. Theodore Cuyler was the pastor. By the 1950s over 700 Mohawk ironworkers with their families were living in the Boerum section of Brooklyn, which they called "downtown Kahnawake" after one of their reservations in upstate New York. For years the Mohawks had commuted between their reservations in upstate New York and Canada and Brooklyn until many grew weary and moved to Brooklyn. Their community flourished with help from local merchants who began catering to their needs. Dr. David Munroe Corey, the pastor of the Cuyler Presbyterian Church, opened his church to support community activities. In addition, Dr. Corey attracted worshippers by delivering services in the Mohawk language once a month, and in 1939, with the help of two parishioners, translated a hymnal into Mohawk.<br> Sometime in the early 1980s, the congregation joined with Warren Street United Methodist Church to become the Cuyler-Warren Street United Methodist Church, and the old building on Pacific Street was converted to residential use.
venue_addresses => 360 Pacific Street Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217
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<td class="sources"><h2 class="sources">Sources</h2> Stiles, Henry Reed. <em>History of the City of Brooklyn: Including the Old Town and Village of Brooklyn, the Town of Bushwick, and the Village and City of Williamsburgh. </em>Brooklyn: pub. by subscription, 1863.<br> Illustration Lawson, Steven E. Exterior of the former Cuyler Presbyterian Church, 360 Pacific Street. (2009).
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