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<h3 class="venue_name">Grace Reformed Church</h3> <span class="non_extant">NE</span> (Midtown)
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<h2 class="venue">Grace Reformed Church</h2>
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venue_info_ip => Seventh Avenue and 54th Street (1885-1921) – orig. Seventh Ave. Chapel of Collegiate Church
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Grace Reformed Church - New York City <td width="250"><img src="/Organs/NYC/img/GraceRef1895Ext.jpg" alt="Grace Reformed Church (c.1895) - New York City" width="250" > Seventh Avenue and 54th Street<br> New York, N.Y. 10019<br> Grace Reformed Church was organized in 1885 and occupied the former Seventh Avenue Chapel of the Collegiate Church. The congregation disbanded in 1921.
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<td class="sources"><h2 class="sources">Sources</h2> Gasero, Russell, ed. <em>Historical Directory of the Reformed Church in America, 1628&ndash;1992.</em> New Brunswick: 2000.<br> <em>Nickerson&#39;s Illustrated Church, Musical and School Directory of New York and Brooklyn.</em> New York: Nickerson &amp; Young, 1895.<br> Trupiano, Larry. Agreement (Mar. 28, 1913) for Hillgreen, Lane &amp; Co. organ, Op. 331.<br> Illustration <em>Nickerson&#39;s Illustrated Church, Musical and School Directory of New York and Brooklyn.</em> Exterior (c.1895).
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<td><h3 class="venue_name"><a href="/Organs/NYC/html/GraceRef.html">Grace Reformed Church</a></h3> <span class="non_extant">NE</span> (Midtown)</td> <td>Seventh Avenue and 54th Street (1885-1921) &ndash; orig. Seventh Ave. Chapel of Collegiate Church<br> <div class="organ with_specs">II/11 Hillgreen, Lane &amp; Co., Op. 331 (1913)</div> <div class="organ">Unknown Builder </div></td>
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<h2 class="organs_summary">Organ Specifications:</h2> <a href="#HilgreenLane">II/11 Hilgreen, Lane &amp; Co., Op. 331</a> (1913) Unknown Builder
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II/11 Hillgreen, Lane & Co., Op. 331 (1913)
Unknown Builder
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Unknown Builder


---------- Unknown Builder----------

Great Organ (Manual I) – 61 notes, enclosed [Organ div no. 1]

(4" pressure)
8 Open Diapason 61 8 Melodia (wood) 61
8 Viola di Gamba 61 8 Dulciana 61

Swell Organ (Manual II) – 61 notes, enclosed [Organ div no. 2]

(3½" pressure)
8 Violin Diapason 73 8 Gedeckt (wood) 73
8 Salicional 73 4 Harmonic Flute 73
8 Aeoline 73 8 Oboe 73

Pedal Organ – 30 notes (4' pressure) [Organ div no. 3]

16 Bourdon (wood) 30
16 Lieblich Gedeckt [ext. SW] 12

Couplers [Organ div no. 4]

Great to Pedal 8' Great 4'
Swell to Pedal 8' Swell 16', 4', Unison Separation
Swell to Great 16', 8', 4'

Piston Combinations [Organ div no. 5]

Great Organ Forte Swell Organ Forte
Great Organ Mezzo Swell Organ Mezzo
Great Organ Piano Swell Organ Piano

Mechanical Accessories [Organ div no. 6]

Coupler Cancel (piston) Wind Indicator
Swell Tremolo (tablet) Crescendo Dial

Pedal Movements [Organ div no. 7]

Balanced Pedal – Great Organ Great to Pedal Reversible
Balanced Pedal – Swell Organ All Organs Piano
Balanced Pedal – Crescendo and Diminuendo

ORGAN 3/1 -- Hillgreen, Lane & Co. [HillgreenLane]


Hillgreen, Lane & Co.

Alliance, Ohio – Opus 331 (1913)
Electro-pneumatic action
2 manuals, 12 stops, 11 ranks
The Agreement (Mar. 28, 1913) between Hillgreen, Lane & Company and Joseph R. Duryee (pastor) for Grace Reformed Church, shows that Hillgreen, Lane would built a two-manual organ for a consideration of $2,000 plus the existing organ (valued at $500). Hillgreen, Lane provided a Key-Desk fitted with solid Mahogany for the Stop-Steps, Key-Slips, Name-Board and Key-Cheeks. The Stop Knobs had oblique faces, and the couplers were oscillating ivory tablets. A note in the Agreement states that "Preference is given for a mechanically operated swell." In the Oak case were decorated front pipes from the lower octaves of the Great Open Diapason and the Swell Violin Diapason. The organ was tuned to International Pitch (A = 435). Hillgreen, Lane indicated that the organ would be complete and ready for use on or about the 1st day of September 1913. ----------
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