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<h3 class="venue_name">Victoria Congregational Church</h3> (Jamaica)
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<h2 class="venue">Victoria Congregational Church</h2>
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venue_info_ip => 144-64 87th Avenue at 148th Street (since 1923)
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Victoria Congregational Church - Jamaica (Queens), NY <td width="250"><img src="/Organs/Qns/img/VictoriaCongExt.jpg" alt="Victoria Congregational Church - Jamaica, N.Y." width="250" > <strong>(United Church of Christ)</strong><br> 144-64 87th Avenue at 148th Street<br> Jamaica (Queens), N.Y. 11435 The Victoria Congregational Church was established on June 17, 1917. Early services were held in a small borrowed building, described by the Church&#39;s treasurer as "a portable, unsanitary, over-crowded, leaky building." After several years of fundraising, the present stone Gothic-style church and parish hall were built at a cost of $51,000. The completed facilities were dedicated on Sunday, March 18, 1923. <br><br> For the next twenty years, Victoria Congregational grew and reached heights of membership. With strong leadership, abundance of families, generous optimism of spirit, it overcame the sufferings of the Great Depression and the misery of World War II. <br><br> Beginning in the 1940s, the demographics of the area began to change as many residents moved to Garden City, the Hempsteads, Manhasset and other points east. With the influx of new residents and cultures, community conflicts erupted, and huge sections of Jamaica burned with the rising indignities against our brothers and sisters. By the time the second half of the 20th century was underway a new neighborhood had sprung up around the church. Victoria was pressed to look within itself and discover new missions to the community. <br><br> Today, Victoria Congregational Church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ, and welcomes a diverse membership from its community.
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<td class="sources"><h2 class="sources">Sources</h2> The Estey Pipe Organ web site: <a href="http://www.esteyorgan.com" target="_parent">www.esteyorgan.com</a><br> Trupiano, Larry. Stoplist of Estey Organ, Op. 2433 (1925).<br> Illustration Google Street View: Exterior.<a href="http://members.aol.com/victoriachurchny/" target="_blank"></a>
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<td><h3 class="venue_name"><a href="/Organs/Qns/html/VictoriaCong.html">Victoria Congregational Church</a></h3> (Jamaica)</td> <td>144-64 87th Avenue at 148th Street (since 1923) <br> <div class="organ with_specs">II/14 Estey Organ Company, Op. 2433 (1925)</div></td>
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II/14 Estey Organ Company, Op. 2433 (1925)
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Great Organ (Manual I) – 61 notes, enclosed [Organ div no. 1]

Open Diapason
Flute d'Amour

Swell Organ (Manual II) – 61 notes, enclosed [Organ div no. 2]

16 Bourdon 73 8 Aeoline 73
8 Open Diapason 73 8 Gedeckt 73
8 Salicional 73 4 Flute Harmonic 73
Voix Celeste [TC]

Pedal Organ – 32 notes [Organ div no. 3]

Bass Flute [from Bdn.]
Lieblich Gedeckt *
* 12 notes from SW Bourdon

Couplers [Organ div no. 4]

Great to Pedal 8, 4 Great to Great 16, 4, Unison Sep.
Swell to Pedal 8, 4 Swell to Swell 16', 4', Unison Sep.
Swell to Great 16, 8, 4

Adjustable Combinations [Organ div no. 5]


Pedal Movements (suggested) [Organ div no. 6]

Balanced Great Pedal Great to Pedal Reversible
Balanced Swell Pedal Sforzando Reversible with Ind.
Balanced Crescendo Pedal

ORGAN 1/1 -- Estey Organ Company


Estey Organ Company

Brattleboro, Vt. – Opus 2433 (1925)
Electro-pneumatic action
2 manuals, 16 stops, 14 ranks
The following specification was recorded in 1979 by Larry Trupiano of Brooklyn. Pipecounts and accessories were not included but are suggested here, based on similar Estey organs of the era. ----------
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