Staten Island — Woodrow United Methodist Church — Woodrow

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venue_name => Woodrow United Methodist Church
borough => statenisland
neighborhood => Woodrow
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<h3 class="venue_name">Woodrow United Methodist Church </h3>(Woodrow)
venue_name_ip => Woodrow United Methodist Church (Woodrow)
venue_name_ip_clean => Woodrow United Methodist Church
venue_info_ip {html} =>
1075 Woodrow Road<br> <em>Third building</em> (since 1886)<br> <em>Second building</em> (1842-1886)<br> <em>First building</em> (1787-1842)
venue_html_ip {html} =>
<td><h3 class="venue_name">Woodrow United Methodist Church </h3>(Woodrow)</td> <td>1075 Woodrow Road<br> <em>Third building</em> (since 1886)<br> <div class="organ">unknown </div> <em>Second building</em> (1842-1886)<br> <div class="organ">unknown </div> <em>First building</em> (1787-1842) <br> <div class="organ">unknown, if any </div></td>
num_organs_ip => 3
organs_html_ip {html} =>
unknown, if any
db_id => 3477
ip_id => 3477
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venue_category_tmp => Religious and Houses of Worship
venue_subcategory_tmp => Methodist
date_modified => 2022-03-11 16:32:03
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