NYCAGO Election Results

Newly-Elected Members of the Executive Committee

Dean: James D. Wetzel  (Incumbent)
Sub Dean: David Shuler  (Incumbent)
Secretary: Raymond Nagem  (Incumbent)
Treasurer: Christopher Creaghan
Registrar: Lena Tharp
Auditor: Paolo Bordignon  (Incumbent)
Auditor: Andrew Henderson  (Incumbent)

Members-at-large, Class of 2028
Rebecca Ehren
Alan Montgomery
Jason Roberts

Classes of the Members-at-large

The Chapter thanks the Members-at-large of the Class of 2024 who will complete their term at the end of June: Loraine Enlow, Nathaniel Gumbs, Bernadette Hoke, Jared Lamenzo, Sándor Szabó, and Lena Tharp.

Thanks as well to the Members of the Class of 2026 who continue their service: Daniel Beckwith, Caitlin Dowling, James Hopkins, Maria Rayzvasser, Michael Shake, and Eva Sze.

Election Procedures and Duties of the Board Members

The term of the newly elected Executive Committee begins on July 1, 2024. The next Chapter election will be in 2026. Biographies and photos of the members of the Executive Committee may be found on our Chapter website.

Respectfully submitted, 
Raymond Nagem, Secretary